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Maybe you hate politics and never turn on the news because it’s dark and depressing.

Maybe you lost faith or never believed in God because you have been turned off by the Church.

Maybe you are a Christian and don’t believe politics and faith should be in the same sentence.

Whatever brought you here, I’m here for you. Sip a cup of coffee/tea and leave comments so we can chat!

  • I started this blog November 2018 to shed some light on dark, depressing topics.
  • I live in the Sacramento area with my husband and kitty cat.
  • The vision for this blog is to go deeper in conversations on the topics we hear on the news. Pick them apart to hear all perspectives in order to bridge the gaps.
  • Since starting the blog, it has grown and maintained about 300+ readers. Yay!
  • Loving what conversations this has started and excited for where it’s going.



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That Nasty Inner Critic

Welcome Back!

Happy New Year everyone! I have finally slowed down a little, I also experienced writers block. Sucks! I am thinking it was due to so many things happening to me that I needed time to process and enjoy them. Officially started the new job, bought a new car, and I turned a year older. God has been so good. For a minute there, I fell to the awful thoughts that something bad was about to happen because so much good was coming my way. God confirmed His goodness by making me stumble upon these words, “Let go of your inner critic and let love in.” Lord only knows the ugly inner voice that is constantly in my head telling me nothing is ever good enough. I struggle with even admitting that I have an inner critic. However, I know so many of us do so sharing my experience hopefully helps you.

Let Me Introduce You to My Inner Critic

I knew that I have always been hard on myself. With sports, school, looks, relationships, the way I talk, EVERYTHING! It was not until a few weeks ago that I realized I had a voice in my head that makes simple things jump out to me. Or makes me think less of myself for not speaking up after a conversation I just had. The list goes on. Anyway, it can be both good and bad. In good circumstances this voice will critique me on something I need to improve and then I can work towards that. In bad circumstances this voice will be really harsh and make me feel less than dirt. My most recent discovery is that those are my own thoughts of myself. Those thoughts can be depressing and send me into isolation. I would not harm myself but I do have those inner thoughts …not being good enough to even reach out to others for encouragement in order to get out of that state of mind.

Hope in the Darkness

But then I turn back to these words, “Let love in.” Letting others love for me and the love for myself  to come in too. I began to read this devotional (study of the Bible) and it spoke such truth that relates to everyday people. I will dive into a snippet of what it talked about. At the bottom of the page you can get the link directly to the 7 day read.

Truth Revealed – Conclusion

‘”Self-pity is the doorway to discouragement and discouragement leads to sadness and sorrow — and left unchecked can take us right into depression.”‘

Read that as many times as it takes to fully sink in. Trust me! Self-pity pokes and prods until I cave into the lies I tell myself. So all of the, I’m not good enough’s – my voice is annoying – I’ll never be that put together – I am a bad friend/sister/daughter/wife…are lies that only I have the power to make myself believe. The only person winning from this lie is the enemy. He thrives and lives off of the lies we tell ourselves. But God was showing me His grace and telling me enough is enough. For every lying inner thought that creeps in, feed yourself a truth that I (JESUS) told you!

We speak life or death into our lives and others. That is our choice to do one or the other. This has been a huge change in my life. Let go of that inner critic and let LOVE in…you deserve it!

Join me in reading Letting Love In by Morgan Snyder



Should Politics Matter to Couples?

I hope this was an intriguing title because I honestly don’t have the answer. I do have my own experience as my husband and I have been together 10 years and married for 2 years. Marriage and dating is very different but together we found out each others values early on. Values beyond beliefs and political preferences. To us, politics don’t matter. You are probably thinking…well if politics is not important to your relationship then what the heck are you doing writing about it? I actually have the answer to this one! I’m a fixer. I saw a problem and felt passionate enough to write my perspective on the issue in hopes to change the world… It’s okay, I’m laughing too!

Talk About It.

I am in no way claiming we do it “right” or “well”. So don’t quote me…

Not just in marriage, but in every relationship you should seek to listen to a persons values. However, when it comes to politics, do not define that person by their preference of party. I do not want anyone to see or hear my name and automatically pin me as a republican or democrat who has a political blog. I’m much more than that and at this point I would hope you have read most of the posts and found I’m not writing on behalf of one party. I am writing on behalf of every person – believer or not, democrat or not.

Go Deep.

Talking about where you both stand on political issues can deepen your relationship. I asked Sean before writing this questions to gain more content. Just in listening to his answers, I found out a little more about him. Just like when I told him I was going to start a blog about politics and religion, he learned just how much I cared to share my experiences.

We believe as a couple that:

  • It’s important to know what is going on in the world. It is foolish to be blinded from what is happening around you by choosing not to look.
  • Have a healthy balance of knowing enough of what is going on but not so much it dictates most of your life.
  • We do not assume by lumping a certain party together that they all believe the same thing as one another.

Do Not…I Repeat Do Not Try to Change Them!

Your relationship is founded on mutual respect for one another. You have not had the same experiences and their perspective is probably valid! It took us time to figure out our own stance on politics because we were so focused on our religious beliefs. I’ll say it again, politics do not matter in the big picture. In other words, Sean and I do not live for our country.  We strive to function in unison to replicate God’s image and expand His rule in the world through our individual callings. So together we have the same end goal. When approaching political conversations, you have to keep in mind you may not agree with them but their perspective is still valid. It’s disrespectful to think you can change them to “your side”. They are their own person just as much as you are. If political party is important, you need to bring that up early on to avoid trying to change them.

Take a Lap.

When conversations turn to arguments…take a lap. It’s really not that serious. “Set your mind on things above, not on earthly things.” Colossians 3:2

How do you and your significant other talk about politics? Share with me and note if you mind it being shared below.






Story I- New Beginnings

Praise God for new beginnings! I thought I would keep it light-hearted my next post since it’s the Holidays. People all around have heavy hearts during this season with missing loved ones. I’m going to share a story that has recently happened in my life that I hope inspires you! 


Going off of my last post, I told you I got the job I was praying for. Let me tell you how it all went down. In late September I was laid off from my full time job I had been at for almost 2 years. I was working over 50 hours a week and got burnt out. I barely saw my husband, family or friends. It wasn’t the grind I wanted for the rest of my life. The lay off was devasting because it was a shock yet, I was relieved. In this time, I took the first 2 days to feel sorry for myself and then got back to reaching out to people and applying EVERYWHERE. Except, I didn’t want to go backwards or just go anywhere. I worked my butt off to get to where I was but I yearned for something fulfilling. If you are working at a 9-5 for 5 days a week, you spend MOST of your life with the people you work with. Shouldn’t it it be an enjoyable environment with people that care about you inside and out of work? I wanted that. Loved ones said to just get in where I could even if it was part time. I took the advice but deep down I was telling myself, don’t settle. I practiced talking to God constantly. Telling Him what I wanted for my family, my future, and said I trust Him with my finances. He put it on mine and my husband’s heart to get emerged in community. Boy did we need that! Going through something that impacts your life that greatly takes more than 2 sometimes. We joined a church. Took the courses needed to become members. There was a luncheon right after the second service we attended in October.

What Happened at the Luncheon?

My husband and I were introduced to the Assistant Executive Pastor. He found out what we both did for a living. (I began to hate that question as you can imagine.) As I went on to describe what I enjoyed about my last job he said, “You have to meet my sister-in-law!” I walk over to her and introduce myself and we immediately connected. She told me about her work and I saw this light in her that was filled with joy. I thought to myself, I have to check out what she does. The downer was that they don’t hire until spring time. She told me it wouldn’t hurt to just put in an application. So the next day I researched the website of the company and the day after that I applied. (That was mid-October)

It’s Now Start of November

I get a text from new friend who introduced me to the company saying “check your email!” I have my first  interview set! I asked her how could this be? I thought they didn’t hire until spring time? Lo and behold, a position opened up and they decided they were going to expand the company by 2-3! Um…what!? So fast forward, I had 3 more interviews and fell in love with the whole team, what they valued and the culture was fitting.

It’s Now beginning of December

My husband has a meeting with 3 gentlemen that he had never met before and they don’t know me either. My husband talked about me and one gentlemen was taking down notes. They began to pack up and put their notepads away. Before they departed, one man asked deeper on what I do. My husband began to share what I enjoyed about my last job. The same man who was taking notes says “Wait a minute! Hold that thought right there.” He begins to pull out his notepad and flips to the page that he wrote “‘Wife? Webconnex” My husband and everyone at the table almost lost their jaws in awe of what just happened. A man who has never met me was going on to recommend a company to me that I already had interviewed for! Again…um what!? Turns out he knows one of the founders and while my husband was talking me up, this man thought of this company. That’s not the end of the story!

Did you get that Job?

I had my last interview the first week in December and a week later I get the final offer! Of course I said yes! A few days later I get this text message from my friend, here’s the real kicker, (the sister-in-law from the beginning of story) whom already works there:

“Lauren! _guy_ just came in and _guy #2_ saw him recently and he gave him the note _guy #2_ jotted down during the meeting with your husband!! So _guy_ shared that with a few of us at work…so cool!!!!! He has the receipt!”

“Lauren! _____ just came in and _______saw him recently and he gave him the note he jotted down during the meeting with (my husband)!! So ____ shared that with a few of us at work…so cool!!!!! He has the reciept!”

Wow! – He Has the Receipt

When I heard that…after the fact I already got the job, I now had confirmation from God that I am meant to be there.  So to the man who prophesied over me, through my husband, from God…THANK YOU!

God is good and I hope you can see that. Coincidences or sense of knowing? 🙂 Stay tuned and leave a reply below to let me know how you’re liking my content.




Christians Are Arrogant

Many times I have been made to think I am arrogant. Some of the things I say come off very direct/harsh. For years I have cared so much about how people view me while trying to stay true to my beliefs. The media and some far right Christians have put a bad wrap on what Christianity is supposed to be. I know that’s incredibly strong but…hey, I’m arrogant remember? It is no easy life no matter how big you smile or how easy things look on social media. If you find yourself in the same boat, you may be thinking, “But I do it out of love!” I know, but to others you are arrogant and nobody wants to be around someone who’s telling them what is unhealthy for their life. Even if “the Bible tells me so…”

So What Does the Bible Say About Politics?

2 Things:

  1. First of all, God knew the world needed saving long before any national government was founded. Hence, Jesus. God sent Jesus to walk this earth to demonstrate to the world that redemption could not be accomplished through the power of man alone, his economic strength, his military might, or his politics. Jesus was fully God and fully man. Jesus taught those around him that with God, all things are possible. In other words, God permeates and supersedes all aspects of life. Leaders rise up whether they are good, bad, evil or great. People have free will. Those that abuse their political power, capital gain, etcetera, God is working and will turn it towards His will. He already won.
  2. Secondly, you are taught to obey the laws of the land and take responsibility to be a good citizen. You can only hope our authority is for us as a collective but do not put all your faith in the government or a political leader. You see, all of this is for the bigger picture. Your voice during elections matter and you should exercise your right by voting. Vote for a leader that best demonstrates Christian values and biblical truths. Huge emphasis on demonstrates because talking is not the same as walking and living it out. Your intentions are only as good as your actions.

Betting = Failure

Have you noticed that you are betting on a president to live a godly life? Humans are full of flaws. That’s like betting in this scenrio: You are given a test by a teacher before you learn about a subject. No prior quizzes, homework or lecture was given. You have some hope because you remember you heard about the topic before but this test you find extremely challenging. You fail it. That’s how life works. That’s also how Christians are called to live daily. You have this huge test called life. The Bible is your study guide. Life comes with a teacher and classmates to learn from. It’s your choice how you prepare for the test that’ll also determine your outcome.

You cannot walk this life alone. You will always find yourself turning to others for answers, approval, questions. So why not try turning to God who is bigger than all your problems and has a book with stories and answers that relate to your problems? Don’t knock it before you try it because when I did, I found that every time He was right on. You have to first accept then experience His crazy love in order to really know.


My mission is not in changing the world through political reform. My mission is changing hearts through the Word of God. That is because God permeates and supersedes all facets of life. You should obey the laws set forth by authority because if you can’t practice that, then you won’t practice the Laws set before you, by God. Only through practice, obedience, grace and love for yourself will you truly grasp the teachings of God. Which is your life test on how to truly love others, show them grace, and actively live out in love. 

Go ahead and reply below to start a conversation!

Exciting News for LB!

So remember I told you in my last post I had good news? I didn’t know if I would actually have good news but I declared it! Well…your girl got the job she had been praying and waiting for months! I had to work on patience and be obedient to God’s timing. It was not easy. I had many rough days but I persevered. This job will allow me to spend more time with my family and also will challenge me to be a great professional in business. I am very excited! Thank you for your prayers and being dedicated to go on this writing journey with me. You are so appreciated! 

Recommended Resource: Politics – According to the Bible: A Comprehensive Resource for Understanding Modern Political Issues in Light of Scripture by Wayne Grudem


Discussion of The Middle Ground

Hey Peeps! Welcome to December, the last month of the year! For some people the beginning of something new can be scary and others find it exciting. I relate to that someone in between. Change can be scary and exciting for me. I have dealt with so many new seasons in life. However, I tend to be more excited for change than any other feeling. What are you excited about for the new year?

I want to open up a bit and give you a little juice today. I am going to profess to you all that I am claiming my mountian today! Meaning, I have been praying for things to come and you are going to hear that I got them in an upcoming post. No really…I have no idea if I have them right now but I am claiming them. One concerns a career. I really am trusting God and want you to come on this journey with me so stay tuned and pray with me.

Okay, moving on to topic of discussion: What does the Bible say about politics?

I want to engage more with you. I would love to hear from you!

I was introduced to this Youtube channel a couple weeks ago. Let me tell you, I have been so intrigued by it and so excited to share it with you all! Jubilee Media is a channel that brings people together to inspire love and to live greater. I love that! I love it because it is a very similar idea for this blog – to shed light and peace on a topic that is dark in this world. They cover a lot of different topics but their overall goal is about bridging the gaps and finding Middle Ground.

Sooooo, I left a video here for you all to watch. I want you to watch and continuously think to yourself what does the Bible say about politics? If you do not know, then how has politics affected you? If you do not think it has then let me know why!

Have a great week!




November 17th, 2018

“Try to be informed instead of just opinionated”

The midterm elections are over and we are gearing up for what is next. The results showed that we the people are wanting changes but history is telling us future changes will be harder to make. We have a majority ruled Democratic House and a majority ruled Republican Senate. The question I keep hearing is “how will anything get done with the divide?” We can take a look at history where we have had similar election results. I think on my next blog I will address some of the history. What is really on my mind right now is the California wild fires happening. Today (Saturday, November 17th) President Donald Trump made a visit to California. He walked through Paradise, California with Governor Jerry Brown and Governor-elect, Gavin Newsom. The President has not had a great relationship with California leaders. Today he stood by Newsom and Brown and walked through the travesty he could only witness with his eyes. It was reported that President Trump was stunned by the devastation. The communities loss is an instance that you can’t truly understand until you have seen it. I would like to believe the President’s eyes were opened today. To circle back to the topic, try to be informed instead of just opinionated.


President’s opinion of California was that there was a huge fire happening on both ends of the state, therefore we need more management. His opinion exactly was this: “There is no reason for the massive, deadly and costly fires in California except that forest management is so poor. Billions of dollars are given each year, with so many lives lost, all because of gross mismanagement of the forests. Remedy now, or no more Fed payments!”

Now some people read that on Twitter and started to spew out similar words and agree with him. Later to find that statement is uneducated and also insensitive to the people who have lost a lot during this time. I am sure we can all handle tough love but the timing and how ignorant it was really angered a lot of people.

He received a lot of backlash from experts, politicians and the people. With that, and also what he experienced today I truly believe his eyes were opened. His comments like, “I think everybody’s seen the light” and “ We’re all on the same page now.” More compassionate tweets have been made after his experience. I don’t think we have seen the President acknowledge when he has been wrong through action or words until today. At least not sincerely.

I will honestly say, I don’t characterize myself as a “Trump supporter”. I have yet to find anything I can stand behind him for. Either way, if you support him or not, I encourage you to send prayers, good vibes, meditate, etc on the progress made today! Like I said, character matters. The community of believers (supporter or not) should pray for these moments and more of them. I consider today a win.

I also consider today a time of self-reflection. When he learned his lesson of be informed not opinionated, I did a self check. We like to do self checks in our household. Check yo’self before you wreck yo’self, if you will.

Continuous prayers go out to California. The people who have lost their lives, lost loved ones or their livelihood. I pray for the first responders fighting the fires and helping the community grieve. A prayer for healing: Father, hold us in your caring arms. Embrace us with your life-giving love. Apply your resurrecting hands to our wounded places. It is your power that heals, it is your will that we live in good health as our souls seek you. Now, in our time of need, deliver us from our afflictions.




Election Day

The midterm voting has commenced! I find it imperative that we all vote. As cliché as it can be to say how important it is to vote, it has a deep impact. Deeper than you think. The first time I can remember an election is President George W. Bush.  Laying in my grandma’s bed watching the television as she stood in front of the tv. I remember it being exciting and yet I didn’t understand any of it. Just the memory in the back of my mind that I am so grateful to have. I also remember during the election of President Obama, walking to the nearest polling place from our house with my mom. She showed me how voting worked. The action of voting was exciting too but I still didn’t fully grasp at 15 years old what politics was about. All I knew is that a President is chosen to run our country and it is important to have leadership.

I am very passionate about people and learning different backgrounds and cultures. My closest friends and family might all agree together that they do not know what I really think when it comes to politics though. So here I am sharing all my thoughts.

This blog was inspired by witnessing so many Facebook conversations turning ugly. People I considered friends bashing on their friends for what they believe. I am not a saint. I may not have taken to social media to shame anyone but I certainly did it out loud after reading comments and posts. Whoever was nearby to hear me get my thoughts off my chest (many times my cat). Whatever, it’s all the same! Negativity and hateful words breed more of it. We also have our opinions of people altered after we see the ugly side of them. It’s really sad. All of us are only human and its easy to say mean things from behind a screen. It’s also easy to forget the people you are talking to are regular people with feelings and flaws just like you. Anyway, all the emotions boiled over to this blog. Where I am not only talking to my cat but I am hopefully conveying my words and thoughts in a way that is fruitful. No hate. No negativity. Questions and comments that bring healthy conflict are welcome. I learned that healthy conflict is a thing. My pastors put the two words together and explained their healthy conflict and I realized I have experienced that!

So now the votes are being counted.

I was talking with a friend the other day and they stated how interesting it is when you think about why we take politics personally. It stumped me the more and more I thought it through. Why do we get sensitive about it? Why do we judge people based off of who they voted for? Think about it for a few minutes…

Why do we associate politics with identity? You could argue it is a part of our belief system. But then would you argue church and state? Separate beliefs from state issues. In a recent article one said, “We are also told that we “should not mix religion and politics.”…This saying has a powerful truth: that when religion is used for political purposes, it empties religion of its eternal meaning and becomes just one more cynical method of acquiring power.” This polarized me. I had to take a few minutes after reading this and think hard about why I bring my religion into politics.

Here is my thinking: I believe in the Holy Bible to be inspired, the only infallible and authoritative Word of God. I have a relationship with Him and live my life according to His purpose for me. Insert your religious/spiritual/etc. beliefs where I just wrote mine. Please tell me how you separate your beliefs from what is affecting our nation. I really don’t think it is possible. Your beliefs should provoke the reasons why you think the way you do about political topics. I know this sounds silly but think about what YOUR higher power would choose when filling out the ballot. Not what your political party would choose or your friend or family. That’s what truly matters at the end of it all. Political parties are chosen based on the side where your beliefs lie the most. I will tell you that my beliefs do not lie on a particular side. I promise I am not just saying that for the sake of this blog. You can read a test result I have based on policies being brought to the 2018 midterm table. I will be honest, the results are contradicting. Do any moderates find themselves to feel contradicting?

I know you are dying for an example so here…I side slightly towards individualism, meaning I more often support free market policies that create opportunity for personal liberty and success rather than collectivism. However, I believe in extreme globalism, meaning I strongly support policies that prioritize the interests of the entire world above those of individual nations. I care about people. I care about what is right and just and ethical for everyone. I don’t know what party this throws me under so I don’t focus on that. Rather, I educate myself by talking to people, reading up on politics coming from every political background. I research things I don’t understand and I ask a lot of questions. Take this tip as well…don’t spend a lot of time on it. Do not submerge yourself so much that it consumes you. It is an earthly matter. Politics were created by human beings which means there are bound to be flaws in the system hence, our imperfect nation/world.

I encourage people to spend less time debating who the better side is because that tends to divide. Focus on what you care about and look into who is advocating the best way and who would you get behind based on their values and morals and character. Character does matter in politics! That person you vote for is going to be a global leader. We better choose one that best represents us as the people of this diverse and beautiful world.

I hope everyone did their due diligence by voting!

Let me know what you think!





Uncomfortable Spaces

We best understand those when you know where they are coming from.

Diving in to my upbringing…In some cases what I am going to share with you about my race would not relate to politics or religion. However, race is important when I am defining for you all who I am to society. It pertains to what helped shape my perspective for the relevant topics I will talk about ahead.

I was raised in a small town in California. From a young age I learned very quickly that every family is different. My family is white and black. Therefore, I had two different cultures that I was exposed to. My mom’s side of the family being white, my dad’s side of the family being black. The color of my skin never was an issue until 2nd grade. Kids start to question if I was adopted and point out how I look nothing like my red-headed, white mama. While the questions and statements are valid, they still bothered me. I slowly began to feel very different and not “normal”.  To the black community I wasn’t black enough and to the white community I was black. Fitting in was so hard and I think a huge reason I was and am still at times shy and hold back. At that age having questions like, how do I approach white girls so they know I can relate to them because I am white too? Or telling every person that asked (often), “I know I am tall and black but no, I don’t play basketball.” Let me be clear, this is not for pity this is what made me who I am and I am proud of who I am.

There was a point while growing up, I felt I did not connect with my black community. All I knew is I felt misunderstood. No one could understand the way I dressed, the way I wore my hair or the way I talked. Meanwhile, I lived in the same neighborhoods as them and my family was on food stamps like many of them. I would get comments like, “Before I knew you, I thought you were stuck up” or “Your hair is not real” then proceed to let everyone put their fingers in my hair so they believed me.

[Small tangent: In middle school, everything about a person is awkward but man…I will admit MY hair was rough! I did not know what to do with my half white half black head of untamed curls. I slicked that puppy back so hard my eyes could see from the back of my head.]

The point here is, it’s been a whirlwind being biracial in America. It’s a constant clash of culture happening outwardly and an internal battle as well. Many cannot tell what race I am. To me, I have one identity but to society I am this: A young black woman. Each of those words has a stigma. Black people and women are an under served population of people. Oh and being a millennial is just the straw that breaks the camel’s back. (#amiright?) We are quick to judge the cover of the book without opening it. This correlates with my view on politics which is why I had to share. For more on what its like growing up biracial, check out my sister-in-law’s YouTube video: Emily Fenner

I have been continuously placed in uncomfortable places. So here I am once again being completely vulnerable and uncomfortable with where I am at, what I am doing and uncertain of the outcome or the future. All of the examples I gave you, I persevered through the uncomfortable in order to learn more. It was not until I took a step back and took off my own lenses to see through a new lens. I was there to learn, listen and walk in other’s shoes before judging them even if they judged me first. My perspective on politics is equivalent. I’m certainly not perfect and know the world is not either. There are times we will all fail to live up to this standard of not judging someone before you know them. Politics has been this division of parties which divide the people. Calling people fruitcake/rightys/leftys for what they believe is unnecessary. We need the different opinions in order to run a democracy but the hateful language over social media has got to go. No one gained anything out of a heated Facebook argument and witnessing them inspired this blog. This is a space created to form and have healthy dialog where we are speaking from experiences and learning from one another. I challenge all of us to think about where your stance is and why.

It is possible to have healthy conversations about politics with people you don’t agree with. It is also very easy to have heated arguments that blow out of proportion. These are damaging and yet we learn the hard way from them don’t we? In the posts to come you will find politics in my perspective is different from yours. You may find they are the same. People with opposite thinking might just listen if you listen first. Midterms are right around the corner so stay plugged in for the next post titled, Election Day! I will share a little more about where I stand on the political spectrum.

I want to leave you with a couple of verses from the Bible:

James 1:27  Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.

1 Peter 4:8 And above all things have fervent love for one another, for love will cover a multitude of sins.”

Let me know what you think!




Hi peeps! My name is LB and I am here to inspire all minds with a simple perspective. A perspective that I adapted to as I have grown into myself, what I stand for and what I believe in.

If you are reading this and are not open minded…I suggest you try to have an open mind. I also hope you continue to read on. Nonetheless, thank you to all who are reading this blog. It has taken much thought and guts to feel comfortable enough to share.

Now I know we all have opinions and we are all entitled to them. There are other blogs about this very topic and each blog is somehow so different in how this topic is looked at. In order for some of you to understand where I am coming from, I will share about myself and why I am starting a blog.

So…you know those two things your parents and society teach you to never talk about at the dinner table? Matter of fact, do not bring them up in public or with others hardly ever! Well…sorry mom and dad I am going for it! Also, move out of the way because I am talking about those two things with a lot of people! Bum-Bada-Bum…POLITICS & RELIGION. Yep. I know right? Dangerous? It is time to voice some things and if you dare to join me on this journey without jumping to conclusions I applaud you and also understand if you jump ship cause it’s too hard to handle. I do not mean that as a pat on my back but I just mean, these are extremely sensitive and uncomfortable topics to tackle. But I have reached a point in my life where I need to journal my thoughts and instead of keeping them to myself I really think others might find inspiring, educational, interesting or at the very least spark conversation. It truly is what our world needs to be talking about the most…politics and religion. So, please enjoy learning more about me below and most importantly, enjoy learning what has been put on my heart to share.

First, I want to state that anything I write will be cited where it is due. Most of these words come from what has been either taught to me by literature, teachers, mentors, friends, and family and the environment in which I grew up in. All have done a tremendous job in helping formulate what I now call my perspective on life. So, THANK YOU!



Why am I doing this? It is important that we continuously grow. “If you are not growing you are dying.” Pierce Marrs quoted that and I could not agree more. Learning from others to gain personal growth is a special gift others can give to you daily. Knowledge is something that everyone has. Some of us just choose to apply ourselves a little more than others. That is okay but then ask yourself, what are you doing on this earth that is giving back and what are you getting out of this life? I believe it is one of my duties to educate those around me what I know, then share it with others so they may do the same. Only then can we truly crush ignorance and gain more insight from different backgrounds and perspectives. I will tell you that this blog is all about what I have learned from those around me, the Bible and how I am applying that knowledge to politics today. Full disclosure, I did just say the “B” word so for those who do not know, I’m a Christian woman. However, my job here is not to convert anybody. I simply am sharing my perspective on politics as a Christian. Now begs the question, how can we even merge religion and politics in America? I will dive into hot topics and gladly answer questions that some may have as I will try to keep these blogs short and straight-to-the-point!


Let me know what you think!