What is Going On?

In response to the statement in the image above, I have blue lives in my close/immediate family and friends. So don’t twist this into another black person hating the police. It’s actually quite possible to immensely care for every life. I’m just stating how wrong and ill-minded you are if triggered by the black lives matter movement to the point you disregard the entirety of it.

Heal your wounds. Turn off Fox News, every news channel and go find a black person to – Hell, I’ll be your black person to talk to so we can learn from one another and share stories. Just please stop filling your mind with what media highlights. Get out of your box!

& no Candace Owens and a video of a black person agreeing with your ideology is not it, sis. 

Can we also talk about Candace Owens for a sec? Cool. I watched the entire video of her sharing her opinion and facts on George Floyd. Here’s what I have to say about it. If you are a CHRISTIAN and walked away in agreement with that message, open your Bible again. How dare anyone dig up a man or woman’s past sins (which in fact happened 2007 and prior but that’s beside the point).

Her point was that people are portraying him as a martyr/hero. No hun, people are just demanding justice for how this man died and bringing up the fact that this is way deeper than just police brutality but it was racism. We are all sick of it. Minus you I guess.

If you are in fact a right wing conservative Christian, miss Candace (and any Christian in agreement) then shame on you for bringing up George’s past sins and shortcomings for these reasons:    

  • You didn’t personally know him so how can you make such confident accusations that he was a criminal til his last breath? You said it yourself, 2007 was his latest encounter on his “rap sheet”. To me, that’s ummm 13ish years ago?                        

  • We are to walk out our faith as Jesus did. He would never look back at our sins but instead come along side that person and point them in the way they should go. You are given new mercies each morning so why not have mercy for this man after he’s dead and gone? 

You chose to spread a message of such diversifying hate. I say hate because you cared so much to look back and question the type of person this man was instead of seeing him as he is. Which is a son, brother, a father, an uncle, cousin, and a child of God’s that died under the knee of those who swear to protect and serve. REGARDLESS of what he did in his past, that is who he is. Do you do that to your friends or family dead or alive? Constantly keeping your mental rap sheets on everyone? What’s silently being said in this video is that he deserved to die and his death was justified based on what he did in his past. Are we seriously going down that route? 

I realize by me bringing this up it’s only giving this more attention than it deserves but by all means go watch the video. I just am saddened by fellow Christians to stand in agreement with that for those reasons above. If you don’t follow Christ then my message is not for you. I don’t expect you to have Christ-like love for humanity. Not saying that from a high horse. Just stating that this is not for you. 

Let’s break that quote down: 

What cannot come first is you in a space where crucial conversation happens. 

Your desire to be heard and seen will only happen successfully when you put the other persons feelings and thoughts before yours. 

You will be heard regardless. Either way. But the impact and affect of what comes out of your mouth and body language is determined by who you put first in that conversation.

Black is Beautiful Project

My story behind the black is beautiful project: This is my peaceful protest. I cannot risk my unborn child’s life being in the crowds. I’m also just following the rules with COVID and don’t feel comfortable around large groups yet. I’d rather be safe than sorry, especially carrying my most precious gift. 


I want to remember and spread the word of the movements origin.

#BlackLivesMatter was founded in 2013 in response to the acquittal of Trayvon Martin’s murderer. Black Lives Matter Foundation, Inc is a global organization in the US, UK, and Canada, whose mission is to eradicate white supremacy and build local power to intervene in violence inflicted on Black communities by the state and vigilantes. By combating and countering acts of violence, creating space for Black imagination and innovation, and centering Black joy, we are winning immediate improvements in our lives.


So while some get defensive about the movement, maybe it’s based on what media has highlighted on the news. I challenge you to follow the one decent thing President Trump ever said, #fakenews 

Do more research. Because who’s not on a mission to eradicate white supremacy or violent acts against black people?

You don’t have to stand for the vandalism or looting or defunding the police. That’s what’s highlighted in the media. But assure you that the movement is doing good and educational moves. While some people who are also for BLM are apart of the vandalism and violence and that’s not me. That’s not where my heart is at. While I can grieve with those hurting hearts committing these acts, I do not support their actions. Majority of the movement is not about that either.

What Does Defund The Police Even Mean?

There’s a lot floating around about what defunding the police means because it means something different to every person. I swear media is so dangerous for that reason alone. Ever play the game ‘telephone’?

The term ‘Defund’ bothers me. That’s not what the original intent is which has caused so much friction and misunderstanding. It should be ‘Reform’. Unless you actually want to defund the police well then that’s a different story I won’t speak to. I am not anti-police.

Reforming the police. Making it better and changing things up. There’s a problem…we have to makes adjustments and see what works better. Otherwise, what the actual hell are we doing letting all these numbers of brutality and deaths slide by? Black, white, yellow, brown…why stand for any of it? 

Sheesh we have to do better people. We aren’t stupid. God gave us a brain. Use it well. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram- I’ve never seen so many ignorant rants that make no sense. People posting videos or memes about “what democrats want policing to look like” then an absolute joke of there not being police officers on duty to help. Seriously? Get that out of here. 

Allocate funds to more extensive training and other resources for calls police officers SHOULDN’T be taking in the first place.

Lauren Fenner

Mental health organizations are in place for a reason, CPS is in place for a reason. We have all these resources of organizations that are there to help people but they don’t have the funds to improve. My husband was in mental health industry for 5 years so we saw first hand how in lack of resources/funding they had. He spent his days with people with mental illnesses. Wives with men armed in uniform worried about their husbands lives. Think about my husband who drove patients around with bipolar disorder, personality disorder, schizophrenia, etc in his passenger seat. They not cuffed and him with no armor. Anything could change in an instant for a lousy $18 an hour? People in that industry deserve higher pay for the hours they have to put in before entering that field and not to mention the education they have to complete. Now, what it takes to join the police force? Need I say more…

Do. Your. Research. 




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