America the Beautiful?

My heart aches. Normally I would think and pray and make corrections on my blog posts before publishing. Tonight, I am all up in my feelings and God is saying release this. So here we are.

I am trying to wrap my mind around what is happening in this nation. The fact is I can’t. My mind is in overdrive searching for answers.

Gun violence – too vague. Terrorism – well where the hell is the nations security? Media – they can paint the story however they want since they have that constitutional right. However, if one does enough research, the fact is 251 mass shootings have happened in 2019 and because of that people are dead. More who protect and serve are dead. Children are dead. 

Here is something else I cannot wrap my head around…no one wants these things to happen (besides the killers themselves) but we have our heads so far up our you-know-what’s that we can’t agree on how to take action. Why can’t we start with the fact we are going towards the same goal – to stop putting guns in the arms of criminals? The country is so focused on the wrong things. Put your pride in your party down for a minute and unite as a people for the sake of humanity!

I disagree with those who say thoughts and prayers do not matter. They do. God is more powerful than these men who sit in fancy chairs in a white house. He also didn’t create us to stand idle by while people are hurting people. Let me rephrase that to where someone might care…men are killing young children and we continue to talk and bicker about it. When I say we, I really should say you men who have the platform and power to do anything about this. Notice this topic has been recycling itself? Who else is sick of it?

We speak about bi-partisan approaches but where is the action? Do I expect us to ever get to this point? Yes. Will we? Probably not. Does it bother anyone seeing other countries making decisions that benefit majority?

Until then, many candle light vigils will be had.









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