About Me

Maybe you hate politics and never turn on the news because it’s dark and depressing.

Maybe you lost faith or never believed in God because you have been turned off by the Church.

Maybe you are a Christian and don’t believe politics and faith should be in the same sentence.

Whatever brought you here, I’m here for you. Sip a cup of coffee/tea and leave comments so we can chat!

  • I started this blog November 2018 to shed some light on dark, depressing topics.
  • I live in the Sacramento area with my husband and kitty cat.
  • The vision for this blog is to go deeper in conversations on the topics we hear on the news. Pick them apart to hear all perspectives in order to bridge the gaps.
  • Since starting the blog, it has grown and maintained about 300+ readers. Yay!
  • Loving what conversations this has started and excited for where it’s going.



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P.s. Watch my collab video with KendyKayte on her BeautyBanter vlog. I talk about the heart of SimplyLBPerspective & get a little makeover too!


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