That Nasty Inner Critic

Welcome Back!

Happy New Year everyone! I have finally slowed down a little, I also experienced writers block. Sucks! I am thinking it was due to so many things happening to me that I needed time to process and enjoy them. Officially started the new job, bought a new car, and I turned a year older. God has been so good. For a minute there, I fell to the awful thoughts that something bad was about to happen because so much good was coming my way. God confirmed His goodness by making me stumble upon these words, “Let go of your inner critic and let love in.” Lord only knows the ugly inner voice that is constantly in my head telling me nothing is ever good enough. I struggle with even admitting that I have an inner critic. However, I know so many of us do so sharing my experience hopefully helps you.

Let Me Introduce You to My Inner Critic

I knew that I have always been hard on myself. With sports, school, looks, relationships, the way I talk, EVERYTHING! It was not until a few weeks ago that I realized I had a voice in my head that makes simple things jump out to me. Or makes me think less of myself for not speaking up after a conversation I just had. The list goes on. Anyway, it can be both good and bad. In good circumstances this voice will critique me on something I need to improve and then I can work towards that. In bad circumstances this voice will be really harsh and make me feel less than dirt. My most recent discovery is that those are my own thoughts of myself. Those thoughts can be depressing and send me into isolation. I would not harm myself but I do have those inner thoughts …not being good enough to even reach out to others for encouragement in order to get out of that state of mind.

Hope in the Darkness

But then I turn back to these words, “Let love in.” Letting others love for me and the love for myself  to come in too. I began to read this devotional (study of the Bible) and it spoke such truth that relates to everyday people. I will dive into a snippet of what it talked about. At the bottom of the page you can get the link directly to the 7 day read.

Truth Revealed – Conclusion

‘”Self-pity is the doorway to discouragement and discouragement leads to sadness and sorrow — and left unchecked can take us right into depression.”‘

Read that as many times as it takes to fully sink in. Trust me! Self-pity pokes and prods until I cave into the lies I tell myself. So all of the, I’m not good enough’s – my voice is annoying – I’ll never be that put together – I am a bad friend/sister/daughter/wife…are lies that only I have the power to make myself believe. The only person winning from this lie is the enemy. He thrives and lives off of the lies we tell ourselves. But God was showing me His grace and telling me enough is enough. For every lying inner thought that creeps in, feed yourself a truth that I (JESUS) told you!

We speak life or death into our lives and others. That is our choice to do one or the other. This has been a huge change in my life. Let go of that inner critic and let LOVE in…you deserve it!

Join me in reading Letting Love In by Morgan Snyder



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