Discussion of The Middle Ground

Hey Peeps! Welcome to December, the last month of the year! For some people the beginning of something new can be scary and others find it exciting. I relate to that someone in between. Change can be scary and exciting for me. I have dealt with so many new seasons in life. However, I tend to be more excited for change than any other feeling. What are you excited about for the new year?

I want to open up a bit and give you a little juice today. I am going to profess to you all that I am claiming my mountian today! Meaning, I have been praying for things to come and you are going to hear that I got them in an upcoming post. No really…I have no idea if I have them right now but I am claiming them. One concerns a career. I really am trusting God and want you to come on this journey with me so stay tuned and pray with me.

Okay, moving on to topic of discussion: What does the Bible say about politics?

I want to engage more with you. I would love to hear from you!

I was introduced to this Youtube channel a couple weeks ago. Let me tell you, I have been so intrigued by it and so excited to share it with you all! Jubilee Media is a channel that brings people together to inspire love and to live greater. I love that! I love it because it is a very similar idea for this blog – to shed light and peace on a topic that is dark in this world. They cover a lot of different topics but their overall goal is about bridging the gaps and finding Middle Ground.

Sooooo, I left a video here for you all to watch. I want you to watch and continuously think to yourself what does the Bible say about politics? If you do not know, then how has politics affected you? If you do not think it has then let me know why!

Have a great week!





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