Hi peeps! My name is LB and I am here to inspire all minds with a simple perspective. A perspective that I adapted to as I have grown into myself, what I stand for and what I believe in.

If you are reading this and are not open minded…I suggest you try to have an open mind. I also hope you continue to read on. Nonetheless, thank you to all who are reading this blog. It has taken much thought and guts to feel comfortable enough to share.

Now I know we all have opinions and we are all entitled to them. There are other blogs about this very topic and each blog is somehow so different in how this topic is looked at. In order for some of you to understand where I am coming from, I will share about myself and why I am starting a blog.

So…you know those two things your parents and society teach you to never talk about at the dinner table? Matter of fact, do not bring them up in public or with others hardly ever! Well…sorry mom and dad I am going for it! Also, move out of the way because I am talking about those two things with a lot of people! Bum-Bada-Bum…POLITICS & RELIGION. Yep. I know right? Dangerous? It is time to voice some things and if you dare to join me on this journey without jumping to conclusions I applaud you and also understand if you jump ship cause it’s too hard to handle. I do not mean that as a pat on my back but I just mean, these are extremely sensitive and uncomfortable topics to tackle. But I have reached a point in my life where I need to journal my thoughts and instead of keeping them to myself I really think others might find inspiring, educational, interesting or at the very least spark conversation. It truly is what our world needs to be talking about the most…politics and religion. So, please enjoy learning more about me below and most importantly, enjoy learning what has been put on my heart to share.

First, I want to state that anything I write will be cited where it is due. Most of these words come from what has been either taught to me by literature, teachers, mentors, friends, and family and the environment in which I grew up in. All have done a tremendous job in helping formulate what I now call my perspective on life. So, THANK YOU!



Why am I doing this? It is important that we continuously grow. “If you are not growing you are dying.” Pierce Marrs quoted that and I could not agree more. Learning from others to gain personal growth is a special gift others can give to you daily. Knowledge is something that everyone has. Some of us just choose to apply ourselves a little more than others. That is okay but then ask yourself, what are you doing on this earth that is giving back and what are you getting out of this life? I believe it is one of my duties to educate those around me what I know, then share it with others so they may do the same. Only then can we truly crush ignorance and gain more insight from different backgrounds and perspectives. I will tell you that this blog is all about what I have learned from those around me, the Bible and how I am applying that knowledge to politics today. Full disclosure, I did just say the “B” word so for those who do not know, I’m a Christian woman. However, my job here is not to convert anybody. I simply am sharing my perspective on politics as a Christian. Now begs the question, how can we even merge religion and politics in America? I will dive into hot topics and gladly answer questions that some may have as I will try to keep these blogs short and straight-to-the-point!


Let me know what you think!





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